French Wwoofers on the Road again


We would like to thank Pauline and Arthur our French wwoofers for there help at Emu Ridge. We really appreciate our wwoofers and miss each and every one of them when they go.

Pauline and Arthurs home was an old School bus that Larry started renovating, with tough times for us we also lived in this bus for 2 years! They had a lovely visitor on there first night a little bat that scared them half  to death!! But they stayed.


Arthur was great on the mop, bottling oil and a wiz in the kitchen.



Pauline enjoyed helping with gift packs, decorating pots, making pot pourri and lots more.


Enjoy your travels. Larry, Bev and staff
WWOOF is a worldwide movement linking volunteers with organic farmers and growers to promote cultural and educational experiences based on trust and non-monetary exchanges, helping to build a sustainable global community.

(Willing Workers on Organic Farms)

Exchange your work for your keep
All meals and accommodation
Learn about Australia culturally
4-6 hours voluntary work
Leave the tourist trail
A great way to learn
The WWOOF Book or WWOOF App is included in your membership and provides contact details for over 2,600 hosts throughout Australia. Around 270 of these are Certified Organic and approximately 2,000 are traditional farms using organic practices.

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