Wow Bob has been long gone and I cant believe that Luna is 13 nearly 14 months old her sickness is behind her and she has been great since about December, thank goodness. She is adventuring outside alot more at night and still has 3 bottles a day and loves her bed and basket at work during the day.


For those of you that knew our faithful dog Rosie she died last month at the age of 15. She has been a part of Emu Ridge all that time and had many many pats from visitors over the years. In the end she was blind and deaf and had diabetes for 3 years. Rest in pease Rosie she had a great life and is buried at the side of the shop by the bird bath at Emu Ridge.

Bob and Luna

Well Luna has picked up the only thing that keeps her going is crushed up roo poo sounds horrible but it stops her runs. Bob is doing well and adventuring out at night alot more it wornt be long and he will be gone

Wallaby Bob

Meet wallaby Bob he is a Tammar wallaby he is doing very well and likes the comfort of Luna who is still struggling away with the shits it goes away and then comes back. We try antibiotics, charcol, hot poker in the milk all sorts but nothing works for long poor girl


Well amazing, good news, all of a sudden she started to get better, just when I thought she couldnt go on. She now weighs 1400gms. She is drinking 125ml to 150ml a day. I am feeding her 3 to 4 hourly in the day and 6 hours now at night. She has grown alot more hair and is getting very inquisative. She is still totally in her pouch but starting to nibble on native plants that I give her.


Well how things can change. Luna was doing well but all of a sudden went down hill. She has a bacterial infection. I have to enject her with antibiotics, she has bad diaorreoh and has lost alot of weight. To keep her alive I am giving her vitrate and injecting saline solution under her skin to keep her hydrated. I am feeding her every two to three hours. She weights 1250 gms. Am very tired and really hope she makes it but she is very week.

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