Puggle (MiMi)

Well I am a very shy and unsual little critter, I am a puggle a baby echidna, I was too big for my mums pouch so she put me in a burrow. My mum leaves me here to sleep and grow and comes and feeds me about every 4 days. She will be sad when she comes for me a goanna smelt my scent and dug me out It tried to eat me but lucky it got scared away by a car where I was left. I was found by Larry driving home at dusk I was very sore had gravel rash and flyblown.


Wow look at me know time flys by and I am feeling so good. I am growing alot more fur, I am 6 months old and I weigh 2kgs now I am sleeping through the night and having 5 feeds a day now. I am drinking between 35 to 55 mls per feed.


Well I am settling in and starting to get more fur. I am now sleeping though most of the night and am being fed every three hours during the day. I weigh 1250gms and I am drinking between 15 to 20ml per feed. I am a bit sick at the moment I have an upset stomach with the change of milk or I have picked up a germ from someone touching me. I hope I get better soon


Hi my name is ?Misty? the Barrett family accidentally killed my mum with their car but my life was saved and they bought me here to Emu Ridge. I am about 5 months old and I weigh 1200gm. Bev is feeding and toileting me every 2 to 3 hours 24 hours a day. I am drinking about 10 to 15mls per feed. I am very hard to keep nice and warm as I am still growing hair on my body, I often get to sleep in bed with my new parents.Appears on the list of entries with the thumbnail image, under the heading


What a cute little boy, he is now sleeping through the night and I am giving him 2 hourly feeds during the day. He weighs 285gm so doing well and drinking about 35 – 40 mls per day, he is not so shy and popping his head out of the pouch to look around abit more.

Buddy – Tammar Wallaby

Well have been missing having a baby, its the longest I have gone for many years. “Buddy” was found by a visitor who gave him to a lady who bought him to me. He had a cut nose, scrapes on his legs and tail from when his mum was killed, he is lucky he was protected from the accident, he weighs 375gm he is about 6 months old and I think doing well, he is having 2 hourly feeds at the moment 🙂

Missing Roos

I am sad to say that 2 of our neighbours have been shooting with crops starting to grow. I have not seen Celine or Millie and her baby for some time. Some of the others are not coming back either. Will keep my fingers crossed as there is alot of food around. Cant wait till Larry puts up our fence. We do have wire!! My animals are free to come and go as they please. Once fenced in they will be safe in 250 hectares!

Celine and Nicole

Well goodbye to Nicole from Germany who came back to visit us for a second time, have fun in New Zealand we all miss you. No changes with Celine still 3 bottles a day, takes her bottle like a big girl now. She has some friends hanging around at night now which is great for her, she is so sweet.

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