Bruce and Di

Bruce is doing really well, she is very fat now. She has two feeds of milk during the day and eats and eats all night, apples, almonds, rolled oats, carrots. Bruce by the way was named by Amy, since putting on weight, Bruce has a little pouch she is a little girl, oh well she is Bruce to us!

Amy and Bruce

Well this little guy is a brush tail possum about 5 months old he was found in a friends shed, he had conjunctavitus in his eyes and couldnt see, and is very very skinny, they found him cuddled up next to a little lamb they were rearing, it would have been nice and warm as this little guy should still be living in his monthers pouch. He either lost his mother or she was killed about 5 days ago. He is doing fine so far

Bad news

Well i am sorry to say that little Misty passed away, we dont know why she just got weaker as the day went by and died in my daughters arms that night. Very sad and Pinkie the make roo we babysat had his leg put in a plaster but also passed away!! No good news sorry

Misty and Santa

Well I weigh 3kg now and I am just having 5 bottles a day 4 hourly drinking about 50ml per feed. Im getting out a little more but not much, I went to Adelaide with Bev last week and got to visit Santa and have my picture taken, it was all very exciting. I loved looking and smelling everything in the shopping centre. Merry Xmas everyone!


I am babysitting Pinkie for a couple of weeks, he is about 11 months old, he just loves it here with all the attention, he loves all the cuddles he gets from the visitors.Somehow he broke his leg. I would like to thank those that donated to his vet expenses Catherine didnt have to pay her vet consult because of you. Will keep you posted as to if she decides to operate its $1000.00 but may heal on its own but he will always have a funny leg. Poor Pinkie


Well I am doing really well, I love looking around to see what is happening in the shop. Have just started to get out of my pouch I want to get out but as soon as Im out I want to get back in! Its too scary out there for me yet


Very sad to say that I went to feed Mi Mi and he had passed away. So sad, so much work in tow hours her would drinl 5ml. Peggy the Echidna lady has taken him for an autopsy to see why. Thanks Mia for the pic

Puggle Mi Mi

Well my wounds are a little better and all the nasty magots have been removed. I cannot get the hang of feeding so I am getting skinny I have a beak and half to learn to suck up milk from the palm of a hand. Bev trys to feed me each morning and night for 1-2 hours I drink very slow. I am about 50 days old and I weigh 210gms

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