Baby Kangaroo – Emu Ridge

Larry and I would like to thank everyone for their support in 2015 and wish you all a fantastic 2016. We have a new baby kangaroo in our care. Reuben is 13 months old and is enjoying Emu Ridge shop by day and running off with our wild roos by night. Bev

We have been hand rearing orphaned animals at Emu Ridge  on Kangaroo Island since 1992. They are little rascals just like a child or domestic pet as they grow. If you are visiting our beautiful island make sure you drive safely and if you see a dead animal on the road please check the pouches for little ones and it you find a baby or injured animal please call the local vet or National Parks in your area and we are always happy to help.

Little Baby for Emu Ridge, A Pygmy Possum called Cashew!

We haven’t had a baby for a while.  This little cutie was bought in by Jyoti, she is a baby Pygmy possum who was nearly trodden on, Joyti has named her Cashew! They are marsupials from the family Burramyidae. There are three species of pygmy possum found in South Australia. This is an southwestern pygmy possum (Cercartetus concinnus). Im guessing about 4 months old, she has had a drink and some honey. We will keep you posted!


This is an image of an adult Pigmy Possum! 10672370_485435768226380_1605422608830006608_n

Emu Ridge save’s Bruno

Bruno 5 months, exploring and trying everything only having 3 feeds of milk a day and eating more. He is nearly ready to go to his new owners Dr. Tim and Trish, who are looking forward to him living around there property. Happy day’s Bruno, from the team at Emu Ridge!