Great Ideas from Emu Ridge – Refresh Pillows

Refresh your pillows and towels.

Refresh Pillows – Machine wash your pillows twice a year. Add half a cup on Baking Soda to your regular wash. Cover 2 tennis balls with socks and this will fluff up your pillows in the dryer. All you need to do is add 1 tsp of Emu Ridge Eucalyptus oil as well for a great clean fresh smell, plus it kills the dust-mites and removes oil based stains!

Recharge Towels –  Wash your towels twice without detergent. Once with hot water and a cup of vinegar and on the second load, hot water and half a cup of baking soda, add a cap full of Eucalyptus oil for added freshness. You will have beautiful absorbent towels again!



Farewell to Wwoofers Josefine and Lukas!

A little late we have been very busy! We thank Josefine and Lukas for all their help while with us for the last few months. Lukas was an expert with his camera, photography and his computer, thanks to him we have a fantastic updated online shop 🙂 He also enjoyed the customers and working in the bar plus lots more. Josefine was a great help and knows how to admin websites, she was great at decorating our souvenirs, serving and much much more, I miss her beautiful voice and playing the piano, happy travels x x


Lukas has a blog and Facebook page amazing young talent please use the links to have a look (click highlighted text).




Fair Well Trudy! From the Team at Emu Ridge

We farewell one of our favorite staff members Trudy. Trudy has worked for us for 8 years. And helped out for many more than that! It has been a pleasure working alongside a sister and a friend. Trudy’s customer service was exceptional and she treated our business as if it were her own, which we much appreciated. Trudy has been part of many events and functions and has seen our business grow over the years. We hope to see her around now and again but hope she enjoys being a Granny and pursuing some things in life for herself!  We will sadly miss you, words cant really express what a treasure you have been and you are!Thanks so much and good luck Bev and Larry and all of us at Emu Ridge! xoxo

Eucalyptus Oil Laundry Washing Detergent, Biodegradable & Economical

Our Emu Ridge laundry liquid isn’t available from our online shop, the postage is more than the product! So I thought I would share our recipe with you (with image). Its great for everything, biodegradable easy to make, economical! Washing woollens and just normal washing.

For more info on our Laundry Liquid and the hidden chemicals in cleaning products click here.  Please click this link for our laundry detergent prices and our online shop.


A Must See When Visiting Kangaroo Island

If your on kangaroo island you really should visit George Turners Castle Garden and Lights on the North Coast Road. They are amazing and he is always adding something new. He is open during the day and at night and all he asks for this experience is a small donation to cover his power costs. Something the kids will love and adults too!