Our Eucalyptus season has begun and Larry’s newly engineered still is proving to be an impressive time saver!  The process has changed a little bit but the overall concept remains the same which is Steam Distillation. Check out this quick video to give you an idea!


The process is now as follows below:

  • Larry collects the Kangaroo Island Narrow Leaf Mallee leaf using his mechanical harvester, which cuts the trees at the front and the leaf goes up the shoot then into a pot on the back which now holds 1 ton of leaf. You can view the harvesting process here.
  • The pot of leaf has a mesh lid put on top and then this pot is turned over and put on top of another pot, the original still which is filled with water.


  • Underneath the water pot a fire is lit and this begins to boil the water which then turns into steam.
  • The steam rises into the next pot which has the leaves. The steam goes through the leaves and ruptures the oil cell which then turn into vapour.
  • Both steam and vapour rise up and out through a pipe into the new condenser. The steam and vapour go through small pipes and cold water circulates the pipes. Cooling and condensing the steam and vapour into water and oil.

Larry with his new condenser he built, this is what it looks like inside, lot of welds in there!

The finished condenser in its correct place.

  • The water and oil run down into a tank where there is a simple separator. The oil is lighter than water so this sits on top and flows off through a copper pipe and then out into a drum.
  • And that is how the oil made.

Now with Larry’s new still he only has to do one distillation as the oil comes out clean and refined the first time. This makes it much easier and quicker for Larry to produce the oil. One process can take 2-3 hours and we get about 15-20 litres of Eucalyptus oil from 1 ton of leaf.

Emu Ridge manufacturing Eucalyptus oil on Kangaroo Island since 1991

Australian Dog Soft Toys – Emu Ridge Kangaroo Island

New stock! The Australian Working Dog series of soft toys are gorgeous. If you love your Aussie Dogs these Kelpie, Blue Healer or Border Collie soft toys are a must 😍🐕🐾
We are stocking these cute toys at Emu Ridge for a limited time only so order yours now so you don’t miss out!

The company that makes these beautiful toys was established in 1948 in Italy. The passion for toy-making, and the creative skills and craftsmanship, made this small family business grow from strength to strength. The business moved to Australia in 2005 and continues to operate from the Gold Coast, Queensland, expanding and developing on the original designs. These toys has the highest quality using high density 850-1100 gsm acrylics; the  factory uses only highly skilled sewing staff capable of great intricacy in their work. Because of their safe, realistic plush animals bring joy to people of all ages, acting as sensory toys for children with autism and other special needs and are also extensively used to comfort the elderly being a perfect toy for use by patients with dementia.

Australian working dog soft toys at Emu Ridge

For Emu Ridge it is a pleasure to have them with us and being the perfect company for our dear Choppa.

Choppa our Black and Tan Kelpie

#australianworkingdogs #sheepdog #cattledog #kelpie #blueheeler #realisticsofttoys #softtoys

From our store, to your door!

Every day Emu Ridge receives online orders from all over the globe. Just because we live on Kangaroo Island doesn’t mean you have to stop using our products when you run out! We can deliver them to you! By air, sea or road mail. It’s easy to stock back up on your favourite products.

Our online shop enables you to purchase our genuine Australian products anywhere. If you visit our online shop, you’ll find it easy to browse around and find what you need. Its convenient, quick and easy and your supporting a local family owned business and our local community. It’s even a great chance for some Christmas shopping!



From collecting the order…


then, wrapping the products in tissue paper and bubble wrap…


to packing the products safely and now they’re ready to send!


Check out how we recycle with our packaging!

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Remember us, the only commercial eucalyptus oil distillery in South Australia. You’ll find us on beautiful Kangaroo island.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your day!

Recycling at Emu Ridge

Some of the ways we recycle at Emu Ridge on Kangaroo Island.

We send out a lot of online orders for our national and overseas customers. If you follow our business you would know that we love to recycle in any way we can, here we are recycling packing materials! We receive used bubble wrap from our local crash repairer and empty screw and bolt containers from our local hardware store M1o and Josh Shepard Electrical, Home Hardwade supply us with our larger boxes which is a great help!

See our blog HERE which shows you all the steps we go through when you make an online order here at Emu Ridge on beautiful Kangaroo Island.

These two lovely girls are volunteers, cutting up all of our recycled bubble wrap are finding out what Aussie life is all about. Candy is a Wwoofer from Toronto in Canada and Madison is from the US and is volunteering through Workaway. To find out more about the opportunity to volunteer with these organisations  click this link.


Many of our customers will notice our packing boxes are also recycled. We love using these recycled screw and bolt containers they are very strong and are saved by our local hardware store. Thanks M10. We also wrap all of our glass products purchased by customers in our retail sales and orders in the unpurchased newspapers from our local Foodland store.

Did you know the majority of our site at Emu Ridge was built from recycled materials. Our retail shop was once the material from our shearing shed. We reuse our boiled leaves back in the fire for fuel and sell it as mulch.

Lets keep recycling!



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We have a wide range of beautiful gift packs and boxes for sale in store and online. They are a unique Australian made gift for that special someone. We will also expertly tailor a gift to suit your  individual requirements,  full of excellent local produce. We provide customised Christmas or Corporate gifts as well. So if you have a special occasion for someone coming up and would like a gift basket and are not sure what to choose, we are here to help you with heaps of gift ideas.

Emu Ridge is a family owned business on Kangaroo Island in South Australia. Founded in 1991 we are proud to Manufacture and Retail many wonderful Australian produced natural products and to have saved our history and heritage!

Thanks again and we look forward to your continued support.

Larry, Bev and Staff

New Joey Orphans for Spring 2018


Once again Bev has some orphaned animals she is looking after. This Spring she has 2 Joey Kanagroos, and a wallaby.

Bev has been hand rearing orphaned animals for 26 years! She has had Kangaroos, Wallabys, Possums, Birds. Once they’re old enough, they are released back into the wild on Emu Ridges farm.

The  joey kangaroos we currently have are Leo, Bambi and we often babysit Kindy Boy. Leo is the oldest at 14 months and now doesn’t need to live in the pouch (bag/basket) but still will try to get in one when he can. Bambi is 10 months old and still lives in the pouch (bag/basket). Bambi was found on the Dudley Penisula by a couple who named him after his unique markings on his head. Kindy Boy is Bev’s daughters joey and he is also 10 months old. His name comes from when Mel took her children to kindy and on the way they found him, therefore he got the name Kindy Boy. Eucy the wallaby is 10 months old and is now semi released like Leo.

The joeys all still have 4 bottles a day. Sometimes a lucky visitor gets to feed one!

This is little Bambi 9 months old to cute!

They are little rascals just like a child or domestic pet as they grow. If you are visiting our beautiful island make sure you drive safely and if you see a dead animal on the road please check the pouches for little ones and it you find a baby or injured animal please call the local vet or National Parks in your area and we are always happy to help.

New arrival for the Turners

Some wonderful news,  Nanna Bev and Grandpa Larry are proud to announce the arrival of our latest grandson Bruce Banton making our youngest daughter Tiffany and Wills little family complete  a little brother for John and Maggie 

Tiffany is the owner and director of Bop till you Drop in Adelaide. A children’s entertainment company.

The Banton family

Kangaroo Island Marron at Emu Ridge Cafe

We have added an exciting new addition to our Emu Ridge Cafe Menu. Kangaroo Island fresh water Marron. Its a great bush food in keeping with our business, its indigenous to Australia and another form of sustainable farming of our natural resources, just like our eucalyptus oil!

Live Kangaroo Island Marron at Emu Ridge

Live Marron from our tanks provides nothing but the freshest produce. Kangaroo Island Marrons sweet  delicate flesh and rich fresh flavour is claimed to be one of the world’s most indulgent foods.

Marron Cherax cainii are fresh water crustaceans  origionally from Western Australia, but introduced to Kangaroo Islands rivers in the 1980’s. Marron is the largest freshwater crayfish in Australia and the third largest freshwater crayfish on Earth. They can grow up to 380mm and weigh about 2kg! Kangaroo Island now has a few Marron farms in operation, our Marron comes from the Tretheweys farm KI Gold.

Share tasing platter of Kangaroo Island Marron at Emu Ridge

Marron according to some of the top chefs are the best tasting freshwater crustacean in the world. Marron have more meat to shell ratio than any other crustacean. They vary in colour from black to magnificent cobalt blue due to genetic variation and when cooked become a mouthwatering orange. Marron can be cooked in many ways, the easiest and quickest is by boiling. For a delicious and attractive alternative they can be butterflied and barbecued! Ours are boiled and finished off in the grilled served with a delicious crunchy Asian salad, and 2 delicious in-house dipping sauces!


Enjoying Kangaroo Island Marron at Emu Ridge

Edible Emu Eggs in Australia

A story from ABC Radio Landline regarding edible Emu Eggs, we are requested them all the time, the chain of Frewville Foodlands in Adelaide and many restaurants would love to have them.

This link will take you to the full story

South Australian farmer Bev Tuner  from Emu Ridge on Kangaroo Island said she was getting requests from top restaurants in Melbourne.

“We can’t keep up supply,” she said.

“We would like to get more emus; the demand is definitely there for edible eggs.

“Television programs are asking for the eggs, we’ve had requests from Survivor and My Kitchen Rules. Once upon a time the farmers gave away thier eggs to local fish and chip shops to be used for batter, noone knew what an amazing product it was”

Emu image Lucy Murray

emu ridge emu egg, 10 chicken eggs to one emu egg

This link will take you to a link with more about our products and our emu oil also an amazing product

Kangaroo Island Wedding at Emu Ridge

Another beautiful wedding was held at Emu Ridge recently for the gorgeous newly weds Michaela & Sam O’Brien.  The couple chose to  have their wedding ceremony  on our Emu Ridge farm in one of our paddocks over looking a dam and the De-Estrees Bay Scenery. The reception was held at our Emu Ridge venue to make it easy for all of their guests, no travelling!  Most of the guests arrived and left the wedding by bus transport organized by the family.

The theme was rustic with recycled objects, pallets and succulents.

Michaela was one of our casual staff at Emu Ridge a few years ago so we were delighted she chose our venue for her special day.

Congratulations to Michaela and Sam and all the best for the future from  Larry and Bev and the team at Emu Ridge.

This link will take you to the Face book wedding album

Professional photos were taken by Rosemary Photography also originally a local Kangaroo Island girl.


The happy couple chose our farm at Emu Ridge and our Bushland scrub for their wedding photos! Professional photos were taken by Rosemary Photography also originally a local Kangaroo Island girl.

Makeup for the wedding party and mothers of the bride and groom was done by our daughter Mel from Balance Beauty and Massage. She is also very popular pampering the visitors you can go to her beauty room at her home or she will come to you., bringing a little magic to your holiday. Hair was beautifully done by Richards Salon

Our front deck with the extended Marquee as the bar

A panorama shot

Dance floor and Bar area

Our event venue is set  in the bush in a rustic setting at Emu Ridge, complete with a bonfire in our old eucalyptus still pot, it always creates a beautiful atmosphere. DJ Jayden  supplied the music and Lucy’s KI Kitchen catered with  her delicious food.


looking stunning outside with the lighting, trees and wine barrels.

Bonfires are always loved this is our original still,pot so still being used life goes on!

Melody  from Keyk Arte is a local cakemaker and a popular choice, she made this beautiful naked cake to match Michaelas theme..


Lucy’s KI Kitchen catered at Emu Ridge with  her delicious menu..

Emu Ridge caters for all kinds of events. We can help make your wedding magical, corporate event successful, and special celebration a party to remember. This link will take you to our info on Event  and Venue hire info.