Barrier Balm All Natural Australian Eucalyptus

We love this idea here at Emu Ridge & what a great project this would be! All you need is gloves, cement and your favourite plant!
Also reminds us of the dry hands some gardeners suffer from.
Emu Ridge have a fantastic Natural Barrier Balm,
I originally developed this recipe for babies to protect them from nappy rash but found out that its wonderful for so much more!
It really works, protecting your hands as you work. If your hands are in water a lot or working outdoors then this is a must for you. Its great for those who have to wash there hands a lot to e.g. health professionals, hospitality and retail staff, those in the food industry and of course nurses! It really helps those over sanitised hands and its great for mechanics, gardeners and babies! Its a great preventative for dry skin, rough hands and soothing on nappy rash.
Our All Natural Barrier Balm is completely free from all the nasties we try to avoid, its suitable & safe for both adults & babies. Look at the beautiful ingredients we use.
Ingredients: Kangaroo Island Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Kangaroo Island organic Bees Wax, Emu Oil
Essential Oils: KI Eucalyptus & Lemon Myrtle.
Barrier Balm
For more information or to order some barrier balm click on the picture.
For more in-depth instructions on the hand planter see link below.