Bath Salts Thanks to Olsson’s Pacific Salt

There is something for everyone at Emu Ridge and making bath salts is a great activity for kids or even adults. I would like to tell you about an awesome Aussie business Olsson’s Pacific Salt who generously supply the salt for this activity FREE OF CHARGE.

Making your own Bath Salts is an activity we have available in the School Holidays. Its always nice to make something yourself, it makes it very special! We make a great range of different coloured Ollson’s salts and the artistic maker can create there own masterpieces in a bottle. To finish them off we add a few drops of Emu Ridge Eucalyptus Oil and Lemon Myrtle  to give them a beautiful smell! A great memory of their Kangaroo Island visit, they can take off the lid and have a smell when they are feeling blue or pop some in the bath and relax!


It wouldn’t be possible for us to do this without Olsson’s Pacific Salt, a South Australian Company who harvest the salt from Whyalla, they provide the salt to us FREE OF CHARGE! A very kind gesture and we thank them very much. It puts a smile on so many faces and its a special momento of their visit!

We hope you support this great sustainable Aussie business, their products are great. They are the oldest family-owned and operated salt company in Australia.

Olsson Industries is the only family-owned and operated company producing salt in Australia. In addition to salt products Olsson’s also manufacture nutritional supplements for livestock, such as cattle, sheep, goats, horses, etc.

One of my favorites is the delicious range of gourmet salt rubs they make, they make any meal special! There are six wonderful  salt rubs which are combined with selected herbs and spices to add extra flavour to an unending array of recipes.

Olsson Industries is selling increasing quantities of its sea salt to the food manufacturing industry – or directly to home cooks and professional chefs. They make Sea Salt Flakes, Macrobiotic Sea Salt and Truffle Sea Salt!

The Olsson family started this particular business in 1949 as a direct result of numerous requests from graziers for someone to produce supplements to meet the nutritional needs of their sheep and cattle during the severe drought that started in 1947 and continued until 1952.

Olsson’s 1st salt block was produced in 1949 in a shed just west of Parramatta. It was the first pressed salt block produced in Australia to contain a range of minerals and was the forerunner of all the multi-nutrient blocks produced in Australia from that time onwards.

While striving to remain viable in an extremely competitive industry, Olsson’s have not ignored their responsibility to the environment. Olsson’s block boxes are now made from 100% recycled, unbleached cardboard which livestock are able to eat and digest. Olsson’s will continue to develop better and greener products and methods of packaging.

The video is very interesting do have a look, have a think about the brand of salt you purchase next time and lets support our locals!

Remember our great natural products are available online.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog ~ Bev ~

Tourism Students Internship on Kangaroo Island

During April and May we had the pleasure of a tourism student from Quebec in Canada living and working with us.

We were honoured that out of all the tourism businesses in the world Alexandra chose Emu Ridge on Kangaroo Island. Alexandra is a tourism student at Laflèche College internships in Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada. As part of her internship she had to volunteer in another country for 6 weeks, this College has been doing this with their students since 1992. Apparently only 2 other students have ever chosen Australia as their destination of study!

Alex did a wonderful job. It was great to have a French interpreter, and she did very well with our English speaking visitors as well. We hope she learnt some new skills. She has certainly found out how we live and work in Aussie land, we all miss her very much, especially Watarru and Boo our baby Kangaroos. We hear that she has done very well with her exams back in Canada. Congratulations, it was very brave of her to travel so far and it was a pleasure to have her live and work with us.

For more pictures of Alex’s time at Emu Ridge see this link.

Alexandra was a confident young lady and enjoyed giving tours to our visitors in English and French.

No trip to Australia would be complete without a Kangaroo. Alexandra was lucky, we released two hand reared orphan Joeys who were still being bottle fed while she was with us. Watarru and Boo 🙂

Alex also helped out in many ways in Reception, Cleaning, Restocking the shop, making various giftpacks, bottling oil, Retail Sales, Waitressing and a tour guide. I think we all have a great job at Emu Ridge, we have such a huge variety of jobs to keep us busy!

We thank Kangaroo Island Odysseys for giving Alexandra a fantastic opportunity  to do a two day tour with them. We were very happy to pay the small fee for entries and food so that she could see the Island and how visitors enjoy the high end private tours of Kangaroo Island. This picture is from our stunning Remarkable Rocks!

No visit to Australia is complete until you have tried Vegemite, unfortunately Alex did not like it at all!!

For more pictures of Alex’s time at Emu Ridge see this link.

We thank Alexandra’s parents and teachers for trusting in us and we hope she has some amazing memories of her visit to Kangaroo Island. Alex has a bright future ahead in hospitality and tourism!

Our wonderful sustainable Eucalyptus oil and natural products are available online.


Eucalyptus oil a natural floor cleaner

The best floor cleaner around, a teaspoon of Kangaroo Island Eucalyptus oil and warm water. Great for any floors, no streaks, degreaser, keeps away insects, kills bacteria and smells so fresh and clean, Clean the natural way it’s better for the environment and yourself.

There are many great benefits when it comes to cleaning naturally. Not only does it save money, but you also know exactly what you are using. I think people these days are looking for natural cleaning products in their homes. Our environment is filled with toxins and one of the biggest offenders is commercial household cleaners, they can cause allergies, rashes and can be very expensive.  I personally became allergic to perfumes, preservatives and certain chemicals about 15 years ago, I get rashes from many things so have to be very careful. This is when we started producing our own personal care natural product range.

At Emu Ridge we like to clean naturally and keep as many toxins as possible out of our home and workplace. Cleaning your floor with our Kangaroo Island Eucalyptus oil and water is completely non toxic so you feel safe using it around your children, pets and yourselves! Its also safer for the septic, its a 100% pure essential oil, cruelty fee and produced in Australia!



WHAT WE DO: Fill the mop bucket with about 1/4 full of warm water. Add a teaspoon of Kangaroo Island Eucalyptus oil and mop away, its great for wooden, slate, tiles and lino!

I have been told that you an also add 1/4 of a cup of vinegar as well but we just use the above recipe!

Another tip, fill a separate plastic mop bucket with hot water. This bucket can be used for rinsing out the mop, so you aren’t mopping the floors with dirty water.

Use a mop made of natural fibres, we use cotton.

Believe it or not, every time I employ a new staff member they don’t know how to mop a floor properly so here is some advise. Stand up straight when you mop so you don’t get a bad back. Spin the mop if it gathers up to much so that you cover a larger surface, it saves time. Lastly we only dry mop, it stops streaking, our new staff just slosh the water on the floor and it takes forever to dry. Wring your mop out so that you cant get any more water out of it at all, then dry mop the floor, if its a wooden floor go with the grain, again no streaks. Happy Cleaning!



Our unique oil is the only one of it’s kind in the world. It is distilled from the leaf of the Kangaroo Island Narrow Leaf Mallee (Eucalyptus cneorifolia). Emu Ridge is the only commercial Eucalyptus Distillery remaining in South Australia.
Distillation of the oil began in the 1880’s and dozens of stills were established, making it one of the Island’s major industries. We founded Emu Ridge in 1991.


In and around the house:
A disinfectant for cleaning floors, toilets etc
A deodoriser, a spot & stain remover, e.g. soiled clothing, anything sticky, stickers, chewing gum, paint & ink marks.
Cleans bathroom tiles, brass, ovens, plastic & vinyl. For washing woollens & clothing.
The Body:
For cuts, burns and abrasions, the oil is a natural antiseptic, acne, relieves insect bites, is an insect repellent, soothes muscular aches & pains, a mouthwash, hand & skin cleaner, training oil, in the bath for a feeling of wellbeing, a decongestant for colds and flu by vaporisation, inhalation or embrocation, for sore throats, (adults a few drops with a teaspoon of honey).
In the workshop:
Cleans paint brushes, removes tar & stains & is a penetrating oil for any seized or rusted parts.
For cleaning pets, removing fleas and ticks.

To read more about the history and uses for eucalyptus oil, take a look at some of our informative Blogs

I hope you have enjoyed my post happy cleaning ~ Bev ~

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Cruise Ship Markets on Kangaroo Island for 2017/18

Kangaroo Island is lucky to get many cruise ships visit and it’s definitely kept us busy here at Emu Ridge! We held a stall at some of the markets selling our unique Eucalyptus Oil and other natural products. Here are the dates and information about upcoming cruise ship markets and Penneshaw markets


Here’s some more pictures of Emu Ridge at the markets:


Ella and Lucy with their stall at the Queen Mary II cruise ship market.


Some lovely customers looking at our Eucalyptus Oil and famous Honey and Eucalyptus Sweets.

Emu Ridge have a wonderful range of natural Australian produced products all available here

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