Kangaroo Island Cider at Emu Ridge

We have had a long association with Graham and Mary Jones, Larry and Graham met at an essential oil seminar in Adelaide in 1993. Graham helped us with our Eucalyptus research. A lad called Adam Steer chose us as his subject and we did alot of research to selectively breed a higher yielding and disease resistant variety of tree, but that’s another story. Through that work Graham and Mary fell in love with Kangaroo Island and purchased a property near us and Kangaroo Island Ciders began with the planting of an apple orchard in 2004.

Since then they have planted a range of cider apple varieties and also some dessert apples, so that now there are over 600 trees.  In 2011, they introduced a medium dry Colony Cove Original Cider and in 2012, and a medium sweet Colony Cove Draught Cider.

Both ciders have won local and national awards. It walks out of our doors it really is a delicious drop!

2016 Makeover for Colony Cove

This year, the ciders of Colony Cove have adopted a fresh new look. The locally sourced and produced beverages had been bottled in 300 millilitre amber bottles with metal screw caps. Cidermaker Graham Jones said an increase in their production meant the company were no longer able to bottle their ciders under crown seal. “The result is pleasing and we have managed to keep our labels very close to what we have used previously,” he said. The release also marks another milestone for Colony Cove Ciders. Since the launch of the company in 2012, Colony Cove ciders have won numerous medals in the Australian Cider Awards and at the Royal Adelaide Show. This year, they won Best of Class award at the recent Royal Adelaide Show Beer and Cider Awards for their Original Cider. Kangaroo Island Ciders have been made with locally grown apples. First plantings of the apple orchards began in 2004 on thier Kangaroo Island farm and they now grow over thirty varieties, mainly English cider apples. Some of the cider varieties are Kingston Black, Somerset Red Streak and Yarlington Mill. These have differing amounts of sugar, acid and tannin. Colony Cove also grow dessert apples including Gala, Jonathon, and Cox’s Orange Pippin, which are used for cider making. Their cider is made by crushing and pressing fresh apples to produce juice and then fermenting the juice using natural and added wine yeasts. The fermentation is carried out slowly, at low temperatures, to retain delicate natural fruit and fermentation characters. Colony Cove Ciders are available as a medium dry Original Cider, a medium sweet Draught Cider and a non-alcoholic Apple Sparkler.


The cellar door for tastings and sales is located at Emu Ridge Eucalyptus Distillery in Macgillivray. Kangaroo Island Ciders products are also available at various Island outlets including the Ozone and Penneshaw Hotels, Restaurant Bella, the Oyster Farm Shop and Kangaroo Island Lodge. They can also be found in certain outlets across the mainland.



Remember Emu Ridge are the Winners for the Best Farm Gate and Cellar Door Experience 2016.

Click this link if you would like more info on Kangaroo Island Ciders. 




Time Warp Travellers on Kangaroo Island

For some people some things never change.

We had the pleasure of Graeme and Christine Gill from Lauriton NSW call in to visit us at Emu Ridge. They are travelling around Australia in “Ruby” a Propert Vintage Caravan and a 1972 LJ Torana. Im partial to Torana’s, my first car was a GTR. They were great people and took the time to proudly show us their van and its contents, it was a pleasure to meet them and have a chat and Im sure”Ruby” has many great products from Kangaroo Island  to take on her continuing journey. Ruby proudly displays an Emu Ridge sticker adding to her collection!

img_3330I did some searching and this couple are quite famous here is a link to a story from 2013 Time to Roam I found if you interested. Im not sure how long they have been traveling for, but at least 3 years. This link also has some interesting history about the Propert Caravan


Tom Propert invented this caravan in 1953- 1960 and a range of Kitchenware. Check out this Swift Wisk! Graeme and Christine still use it pretty amazing invention!

I hope you enjoyed this story. We are so lucky and get to meet and see so many interesting people and things at our business at Emu Ridge