Time Warp Travellers on Kangaroo Island

For some people some things never change.

We had the pleasure of Graeme and Christine Gill from Lauriton NSW call in to visit us at Emu Ridge. They are travelling around Australia in “Ruby” a Propert Vintage Caravan and a 1972 LJ Torana. Im partial to Torana’s, my first car was a GTR. They were great people and took the time to proudly show us their van and its contents, it was a pleasure to meet them and have a chat and Im sure”Ruby” has many great products from Kangaroo Island  to take on her continuing journey. Ruby proudly displays an Emu Ridge sticker adding to her collection!

img_3330I did some searching and this couple are quite famous here is a link to a story from 2013 Time to Roam I found if you interested. Im not sure how long they have been traveling for, but at least 3 years. This link also has some interesting history about the Propert Caravan


Tom Propert invented this caravan in 1953- 1960 and a range of Kitchenware. Check out this Swift Wisk! Graeme and Christine still use it pretty amazing invention!

I hope you enjoyed this story. We are so lucky and get to meet and see so many interesting people and things at our business at Emu Ridge