The FH Fauldings GMC Truck at Emu Ridge

Here’s a wonderful pic of our old GMC truck taken my Michele Williams. I’m sure it’s in many people’s albums, a photographers dream! The truck was origionally purchased and owned by FH Fauldings who used to own our property, once it was sold in 1952 for the soldier settler scheme the truck was purchased by Mr. Randal Turner a local farmer down the road. (No relation just the same same). Once he retired he gave it back to us, to lay to rest where it’s life began. Believe it or not Larry drove it back to Emu Ridge!

We love to share our history here at Emu Ridge. Here’s a short video from when FH Fauldings used to own our farm. This was a documentary produced in the 1930’s. For more history about the Eucalyptus oil industry on Kangaroo Island and Emu Ridge see this link.




The Old Eucalyptus Oil refining shed

I was having a search on Instagram and came across this great pic of our old eucalyptus oil refining shed. I’m glad I found it because we have more things happening and it doesn’t look like this anymore. Thank you Jordi!

Here is the link to his Instagram photo and you can follow Jordi Moya on Instagram here.

Over the last 25 years we have transformed Emu Ridge from the small post office shop to what it is today. If you would like to see the transformation, you can read about it here.

Camping Ideas for the School Holidays

School or family holidays are always a great time to sit around a campfire, tell a few stories and try something different.

These campfire cones just look like the perfect thing to pop on the campfire, on the BBQ or in the oven! Yum ?

We also love this BBQ meme we found circling the web this Summer!



If your on Kangaroo Island don’t forget to visit us at Emu Ridge, and no matter where you are you can always buy our great pure natural Australian products online. Our Eucalyptus oil is very handy to have while travelling or camping, it is an insect repellent, its also great for bites, it keeps the colds away and its antibacterial. We also make 2 natural necessities for camping and school holidays, an insect repellent and Sunscreen.

Filming new DVD on Kangaroo island for Emu Ridge

Exciting times! It’s time to update our DVD. Gary Bell from KI Digicam filmed today, so very soon we will be able to show you an updated Video. Gary produced our last video 15 years ago. We have Deon Johnson back working with Larry, and it’s been great to get old employees back. Deon worked with us 13 years ago and is enjoying it being easier work than back then.

The others in the pics from right to left are Gary film producer, Mark Tydeman who has been bottling our oils for 5 years now, and at the moment its all still bottled and labelled by hand. Larry and Deon are on the left.

Deon lighting the fire for the camera!

Deon lighting the fire for the camera!

Here is  our original DVD

Baby Kangaroo – Emu Ridge

Larry and I would like to thank everyone for their support in 2015 and wish you all a fantastic 2016. We have a new baby kangaroo in our care. Reuben is 13 months old and is enjoying Emu Ridge shop by day and running off with our wild roos by night. Bev

We have been hand rearing orphaned animals at Emu Ridge  on Kangaroo Island since 1992. They are little rascals just like a child or domestic pet as they grow. If you are visiting our beautiful island make sure you drive safely and if you see a dead animal on the road please check the pouches for little ones and it you find a baby or injured animal please call the local vet or National Parks in your area and we are always happy to help.