Farewell To Our Wonderful Volunteers, Jon & Marine

Jon and Marine have been working with us at Emu Ridge for 3 months. It’s been great having them here because they were such a great help in our shop and with the preparations for the big wedding day. It was a stressful lead up, but the wedding was awesome and so were they, so we are all going to miss them very much! We wish you safe travels on the rest of your journey around Australia.

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Homemade Eucalyptus Toothpaste

Homemade Eucalyptus Toothpaste

If you’re looking for a safe alternative to the common toothpastes, then there are many alternative options, ranging from the more expensive natural toothpastes (be careful– some contain some of these questionable ingredients), to simple recipes you can make at home like this one.

EUCALYPTUS OIL is excellent for treating gum disease as well as sinus and respiratory infections, it kills pathogens, microbes and treats bad breath.

Some ingredients to be wary of in toothpaste products:-

Glycerin – Certainly not bad in and of itself if properly sourced, but its use in toothpaste may not be ideal. Some suggest it may leave a layer of film on the teeth that prevents remineralization. It can also be dangerous to our health if processed with dangerous chemicals, and I assume most toothpastes contain the cheapest possible source.

Sodium Laurel Sulfate – SLS is a known carcinogen. Some natural companies still stand behind it’s use and claim it is safe, but I prefer to stay on the safe side here.

Saccharin – This was the first ingredient I questioned when I started to re-think my approach to dental health and toothpaste several years ago. I avoid artificial sweeteners like the plague, as most of them are proven carcinogens, several contribute to obesity and other health problems, and some are excitotoxins, meaning they cause rapid firing and death of brain cells. And yet, we see the artificial sweetener, saccharin, in our toothpaste.

Fluoride – You knew I’d get to this one. I don’t claim to be an expert on fluoride, but from my basic understanding, fluoride is highly toxic in the form found in toothpaste and never found in nature in this state. If you’re trying to rebuild tooth enamel, just like with glycerin, a “protective” layer of fluoride is not ideal. It is also suggested that the layer it forms on teeth is much thinner than originally thought and is useless against protecting teeth from decay anyway.

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Xmas Newsletter 2014


Hi, we would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family a safe and Happy Xmas and thank you for you patronage. We have our youngest daughter getting married in December with the reception at Emu Ridge so busy times ahead, so we are getting in early.We are excited to offer you some great SPECIALS if your looking for some lovely gifts. We have also launched 3 new NATURAL products, an Insect Repellent, Deodorantand Flea Powder.

Take care and we look forward to your continued support.

Larry, Bev & Staff
Kangaroo Island Wild Bushland Body Care Range. This beautifully packaged range is Paraben, Mineral oil, Sulphate and Colour Free!

Special Hand & Nail Cream only $15.95Perfect gift for Christmas this Hand and Nail cream is fragranced with Emu Ridge Eucalyptus Oil. The soft decadent cream also has organically certified macadamia, sweet almond oil and jojoba oil which leave the hands feeling silky smooth.

The recommended retail price is $22.95 but now $15.95!

Special Duo Pack only $29.95This beautifully packaged gift includes the Hand & Nail Cream and Body Mousse. The body mousse is thick and creamy with our Eucalyptus Oil and certified organic macadamia oil.

If you purchased both of these products singularly the recommended retail price would be $46.90, the duo pack is $39.95 AND now it’s only $29.95!
That’s a huge saving!

Dear Future Husband – Surprise Wedding Song At The Old Wisanger School On Kangaroo Island

Aussie Wedding – Larry and Bev Turner’s youngest daughter, Tiffany was married on Saturday 13/12/14 at the Old Wisanger School on beautiful Kangaroo Island in South Australia, followed by her reception at the Iconic family business Emu Ridge.

Tiffany chose this location because Wisanger is the area where her ancestors settled on Kangaroo Island, as well as the place where her Grandfather and great Grandfather went to School/Church.

Tiffany and Will are one of only three to ever use this venue for a wedding. Tiffany is the third Turner descendant to be married at the old school, two of her ancestors were married there in the early 1900’s and Rosemary Bell held her reception there in 1988.

The ceremony involved the bridal party padlocking padlocks to a hanging rack. The keys to the padlocks were thrown off the Emu Bay Jetty, hence their hearts are locked together forever.


Tiffany and her friends love performing arts which is reflected throughout the ceremony. A beautiful reading by Wills sisters, a fairy tale poem and an amazing surprise song sang by Tiffany to Will “Dear Future Husband”  by Meghan Trainor. In keeping Tiffany’s bridesmaids Emily and her boyfriend also sang a song during the witnessing of the marriage “Love is an open door” from the movie Frozen.

To view Tiffany’s entertaining song, click on the video below


If you would like to view more images of Tiffany and Will’s wedding, click here for  Rosemary Photographys pics for a great overview. This link will also take you to some pics of the gorgeous flower girls


Tiffany asked her Grandfather, Ralph Turner, to be the witness to her marriage, he was a scholar there in his youth as was his father before him .

The scene was very nostalgic with doilies from days gone by and her great grandma’s music notes were used as cones to throw the rose petals after the ceremony.2L6A2873


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The wedding party, family and friends adjourned to Emu Ridge Eucalyptus Farm for the Reception and wedding celebrations. Emu Ridge was founded and developed by Larry and Bev Turner Tiffany’s parents in 1991 specialising in the unique production of Eucalyptus Oil distilled from the Eucalyptus cneorifolia (mallee) grown on their property. For Images of family and friends building the reception area for this Aussie reception click on this link.




Maggie Patterson, of Maggie’s Photography, was one of many impressed with Tiffany’s decision to hold her ceremony at the old Wisanger School.  Maggie had already spent many hours archiving the history of the school, so we thought we would share some of her work with you.


The Wisanger Farmers Assembly Room was originally built in 1884 for use as a schoolroom and a meeting place for the district. The school officially opened in 1885 and provided continuous schooling until the opening of Kingscote Area School in 1945. The original name was forgotten and the building was always known as the Wisanger School. It was a focal point of the district for meetings, church services, Sunday school, polling booth, social events and of course, a few weddings. However, the old school was in danger of becoming just another derelict ruin, as it was showing great signs of deterioration. So in 1982 Warren Boxer, the owner of the property, appointed a committee of scholars to explore ways of restoring the building. They were lucky enough to be able to hire Ted Elling, a well-known stonemason, who agreed to come to Kangaroo Island and help restore the Wisanger School.


The school is now a museum with both Ralph Turner and Maggie Patterson’s husband, Kingsford Florance, attending the official opening of the new building in 1983.


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Not only have the Turners taken a step back in time and re-lived some of their past history, but they have also made new history, which can now be passed down through future generations.


Ralph Turner was tickled pink, when he was able to sit at his old school desk and have his photo taken. Photo By Maggie’s Photography

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Kangaroo Island Colony Cove Cider

Kangaroo Island is Australia’s third largest island and its closest point to the mainland is the Fleurieu Peninsula, which is 13 km south of South Australia. Although it may come across as bleak and windswept, it has has developed as an ecological sanctuary save for the introduction of some foreign flora and fauna, including the world’s purest population of European Ligurian honey bees.

Kangaroo Island is also several thousand kilometers away from the Gold Coast, which is where we were headed initially, but we had other hopes in mind whilst we were searching for the local boutique brewery. Thankfully,  this venture ended when we spied a nearby sign extolling Emu Ridge Eucalyptus Distillery. We thought our luck was in, but alas, it produced eucalyptus oil rather than a eucalyptus tipple. luckily for us though, all was not lost. The associated gift shop agreed to include a cellar door offering the local Colony Cove cider range.

Originally, the orchard started out with only a few apple trees planted in 2004 by Adelaide academic Professor Graham Jones, but now it has now expanded to over 400 trees of 30 English cider varieties including Yarlington Mill, Kingston Black, Somerset Red Streak, Blenheim Orange, Improved Fox Whelp and King David. Measures, such as protective fences, also have to be used to ensure that the trees are protected from      non-English pests such as Kangaroos and Possums.

Colony Cove produces two types of cider and a non-alcoholic sparkling apple juice. They are all made from juice that is pressed from the apples from the orchard, but then the ciders are cooled and fermented, using wine yeasts plus natural wild yeasts. It is then carbonated, making it slightly cloudy with that dry and tart flavor, as a boutique cider should be, but still being a refreshing beverage, similar to champagne.

These two ciders have been awarded bronze and silver medals by the Adelaide Royal Agricultural and Horticultural Show Society, and at the Australian Cider Awards.

Sadly, these products are only available on Kangaroo Island at the Emu Ridge cellar door, local Kangaroo Island restaurants, or at selected outlets in South Australia.

To find out more, got to:


The Good Oil On Eucalyptus Production – Emu Ridge Is Proud To Be 100% Australian Produced

A short while ago, an article was published about how Larry and Bev Turner are in charge of one of the last operating eucalyptus distilleries in South Australia. When asked about the story behind all of this, They had this to say:

We were traditionally sheep farmers. In 1991, with the downturn in wool prices, we diversified and became Eucalyptus oil distillers, and are now the only ones in South Australia.

We have revived a historical industry that had once thrived on the Island years before us. Eucalyptus distilling was one of Kangaroo Island’s major industries, distilled from the leaf of the indigenous Kangaroo Island Narrow Leaf Mallee, Eucalyptus cneorifolia. Eucalyptus oil was our first truly Australian product exported overseas.

Unfortunately 90% of the worlds supply now comes from China and Brazil. We are proud to have preserved Australia’s history and heritage and produce an oil that is found nowhere else in the world. We are manufactures and retailers of a huge range of natural and locally produced products that are marketed all over the world. We are also very proud to say that our oil is 100% Australian produced.

Larry and Bev have been successfully been operating their business since 1991 and hopefully will continue for many more years to come as it is a great part of Kangaroo Island’s history.

Emu Ridge Was Featured In An Article In The Advetiser

An Article On Emu Ridge Was Featured In The Advertiser 2014