Locals supporting local business

It has been great to see some local people visiting Emu Ridge to enjoy our cheese platters with some refreshing Kangaroo Island Cider and some old-fashioned fun!


Local Mums relax in the sun whilst the kids play some old-fashioned games outside – hopscotch & tic tac toe

Colony Cove cider range










Our delicious cheese platters



Taesa and her friend Takeda enjoy a cheese platter

It is also great to see the young local people coming out and enjoying the sites as well. There are probably many that are unaware of  what we have to offer at Emu Ridge, so it’s amazing that we had local people visit twice in one week! Thanks for supporting us, and a special thanks to Taesa and Takeda, for sending in their great photo of the both of them sharing a cheese platter. we hope you enjoyed it!

Newsletter September 2014

Emu Ridge Eucalytpus
Kangaroo Island
September 2014
Hi there,

We are excited to offer you our inaugural newsletter! You have received this email because you have been a customer of ours in the past. We hope to send you SPECIAL offers or information we believe is of interest about our wonderful range of natural products with a monthly newsletter. We love our new website and these days we only sell our products online. We look forward to your response. Please feel free to unsubscribe from our newsletter at anytime if its not for you. And lastly thanks so much for your past custom, we really appreciate it. 

Kind regards Larry & Bev Turner 
Below is the beautiful New Kangaroo Island Body Care Range,

its Paraben, Mineral oil, Sulphate and Colour free!

This Beautifully packaged range is blended with freshly picked Emu Ridge Kangaroo Island Eucalyptus leaves, crushed bush mint and a hint of spice, this extensive body care range offers an uplifting assortment of botanical oils to counter the ageing process. Double distilled on Kangaroo Island in one of Australia’s oldest Eucalypt distilleries, the Eucalyptus oil is then infused with a floral bouquet of white rock orchid, lavener buds and ylang ylang blossom on a delicate base of vanilla pod and soft musk. The result is a sensual range of natural Australian-made products free from parabens, mineral oil, sulphate and colourant. This product will make a great gift for anyone at Christmas

We are excited to release the newest edition to the Kangaroo Island Eucalyptus Body Care Range! A 50ml Hand and Nail Cream just perfect for travelling, your handbag or a little gift. Maine Beach have made this product exclusive to us so you will only find it at Emu Ridge and ouronline shop! The recommended Retail is $12.95. We are offering a SPECIAL of $9.95 to launch this great new addition. 

      Emu Oil is naturaling nourishing vitamin A, E, F & Omega 3, 6 & 9 oils has so many benefits. Here are just 2!
      Did you know that you can use Emu Ridge Emu Oil to assist  your dry, itchy scalp, and for hair regrowth??? Emu oil has been  demonstrated in clinical studies to actually help regenerate scalp cells; this in turn helps to stimulate growth in hair follicles. See this link for some great info on this amazing product!

Stay cool during a heatwave with FROZEN EUCALYPTUS TOWELS

Frozen Eucalyptus Towels: What a great idea for those hot days!

Frozen Eucalyptus TowelsFirst, start with some washcloths (bar mop towels also work well)

towelsNext, put a couple cups of water in a container (a large plastic tub or bucket will work). Add about 10 drops of eucalyptus essential oil to the water and stir

One at a time, submerge the towel in the water-oil mixture, and squeeze out the excess liquid. Fold in half then roll it up

Place on a sheet  of baking paper in a single layer and place them in the freezer.

Freeze until solid (it may take a couple of hours).

To enjoy, place the frozen towel on your face, head, or wherever you need a bit of cooling. It is recommended to use it rolled up and slowly unroll it as it thaws, rather than trying to open it up right away, because the coolness lasts longer.  T

Tip: They are best enjoyed alongside a cold drink.

Frozen Eucalyptus Towels

How do you stay cool during heat waves?

This information was found on Simply {Darr}lings blog page. If your want more information about Eucalyptus Oil and other great natural products, click this link

Emu Ridge – The last South Australian Eucalyptus Oil Distillery!

There were once over 100 Eucalyptus stills that operated on Kangaroo Island. The industry employed over 600 people in the 1930’s, which is amazing considering we only have around 4000 people living here now.  This photo was taken by Peter Bassett on Min-oil Road, which is incredible because there aren’t many of these relics still around.  We are the only Eucalyptus Oil Distillery left in South Australia, with only a handful remaining in the rest of Australia! 90% of the Eucalyptus Oil sold in Australia is imported from other countries such as China and Brazil!  If you would like to order some of our Eucalyptus Oil, as well as many other natural products, or you want more information about the industry, click here.


Lunch At Emu Ridge On Kangaroo Island With Adventure Tours

Our venue at Emu Ridge has two lovely eating areas that are available for coaches and private visitors. One is outside under our veranda, this area can house up to 55 people and the other one is inside this can house 25 visitors. Visitors are welcome to bring their own as Kangaroo Island Adventure Tours do or we can prepare your lunches for you. We have a BBQ which is free for all to use. We do ask that we please receive prior notice for groups, otherwise we have toasted sandwiches and cheese platters available always.



Kate, one of the brilliant Adventure Tour guides, prepares lunch for her group



The group is given access to “VIP” seats to watch our informative 4 min video



Next, they get a brief talk about our wonderful products and are able to browse around the shop while waiting for their lunch



Everybody helps themselves to a fresh, delicious lunch




People relax and enjoy the view as well as each other’s company, while eating their lunch on our deck




If they are lucky enough, they might even get to see a Kangaroo or two!


Tea Tree Oil – A Natural Tick Deterrent

This always a good one to remember.  Here at Emu Ridge, we sell & recommend good quality Australian grown & made Tea Tree Oil. It is great to have when you’re at home, travelling, camping, beach days, exploring the back yard or just having a BBQ!  It’s helps keep away insects, treat cuts, burns & infection. It’s an all-Natural treatment for foot fungi & nail infection, acne and cold sores and much, much more. To order some 100% Australian Eucalyptus or Tea Tree Oil, click on the links. We post Australia wide! Buy Australian Made today!


Eucalyptus Oil Recipe & Uses

The first of its kind, our recipe book for Eucalyptus Oil Recipes & Uses was launched in 1993 full of my own & others recipes.

Our booklet is available, and contains many tried and tested uses that have been handed down for generations in Australia.

Protect the environment with the trees that produce this unique oil, as it is the the only one of it’s kind in the world. Because it is produced from natural Eucalyptus leaves, it can be used In and around the House, On the Body, In the Workshop, Used on Animals etc.

It will give you so many ideas and ways to use Emu Ridge Eucalyptus oil, only $5.00 + $1.30 postage within Australia. We are able to post worldwide, but postage may vary, so check website.  To order, click here or use any of the hightlighed links. Buy Australian made today!



Emu Eggs and Emu Products

Our mascot, ‘Psycho’, has been busy over winter laying eggs, One Emu Egg made breakfast scrambled eggs for three, one cake and we still had egg  left-over.  It’s the equivalent to about 8 – 10 chicken eggs in one emu egg! We generally sell our eggs blown for $30.00 each, here is the link to our online shop if you are interested in purchasing a blown Emu egg, or please phone our store (08) 8553 8228.  Emus only lay over winter time so they do sell out fast.

Emu Farming is fantastic for Australia, not only is Emu meat very healthy, lean & very high in iron, but Emu Farming helps protect our environment!  The Emu is native to Australia and can live in harmony with our land, thus reducing chemical dependence and land clearance needed for introduced species.  Emu’s are farmed for their meat, eggs, leather, feathers & Emu Oil.


Emu Ridge Emu Egg

Our National parks Permit number to keep and sell eggs is #K15617-11

The color of the eggs range from a medium beautiful turquoise green to a dark green (almost black) with some having a very smooth glass like texture. An average egg weighs between 600 and 700 grams when laid. The ratio of Emu Egg whites to yolks is 55% to 45 % compared to a chicken egg which is 65% white and 35% yolk.


Emu Ridge Emu egg ready to eat

It is said that there are up to 12 different color layers in an emu egg making it very unique. There are three primary layers in the shell of an emu egg. The outside is dark green. The middle layer is teal, and the inside layer is nearly white. Occasionally there is a fourth layer, which is thin and rather gray, between the outside layer and the teal layer. The teal and blue are actually as many as seven subtle layers of color, each about the thickness of a sheet of paper. Very clever artists carve the eggshells that displays the colors of each layer to the best advantage, you do see them painted as well, we do sell them in our shop at times.

Emu Ridge Emu Feathers

The Emu Feather is unique  having 2 feathers per shaft.

The Emu Feather is used in Aboriginal adornments, in many different ways for different reasons depending on the tribe. “The Goodluck Feather”

It was also proudly worn by the Australian Light Horsemen, the slouch hat was often adorned with what became the light horseman’s most distinctive embellishment – the emu feather plume. This plume became the symbol of the light horse, inseparable from its legend.


Baby Emu Chick

This is what a gorgeous little emu chick looks like when it hatches. They are very cute. As they get older the true emu feathers grow and the gorgeous stripes disappear.

Emu feathers can also be used in arts and crafts. Below is a picture of a beautiful basket that has been woven with our emu feathers. This beautiful bowl was created by the talented Leanne Taylor – Aboriginal Artist. How beautiful!

emu feather basket

Created by the talented Aboriginal Artist Leanne Taylor.

Hand Carved Emu Eggs by Lucy

If you’d like to buy our emu feathers please send us an email we start at 5gm bags and you can also purchase large quantities.

Here at Emu Ridge, we sell & recommend Emu Oil because Emu Oil is the closest oil to the one found in the human skin. It is high in Vitamins A, D, E, F and K as well as Omegas 3, 6, 7 & 9 oils, therefore it is very healing for the skin. It can be used on eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, it heals burns to reduce scarring and is great for arthritis, inflammation and aching muscles. Emu Oil is also extremely low allergenic, therefore ideal for sensitive skin. To order genuine 100% Pure Australian Emu Oil, click here.


Our National parks Permit number to keep and sell eggs is #K15617-11



Kangaroo Island Olive Oil

We all know that olive oil is great for making yummy dressings, but look at what it can do to tired  scratched leather furniture. Amazing results! It also makes fantastic carrier oil for our Eucalyptus oil.  Mix a teaspoon of Olive oil with a few drops of Eucalyptus Oil and you have yourself relaxing massage oil or a great decongestant. You can order Kangaroo Island Olive Oil Company Wild or North Coast Olive Oil from our Online Store, all grown & made on Kangaroo Island. Buy Australian made today!




Little Baby for Emu Ridge, A Pygmy Possum called Cashew!

We haven’t had a baby for a while.  This little cutie was bought in by Jyoti, she is a baby Pygmy possum who was nearly trodden on, Joyti has named her Cashew! They are marsupials from the family Burramyidae. There are three species of pygmy possum found in South Australia. This is an southwestern pygmy possum (Cercartetus concinnus). Im guessing about 4 months old, she has had a drink and some honey. We will keep you posted!


This is an image of an adult Pigmy Possum! 10672370_485435768226380_1605422608830006608_n