Emu Oil Australian

EMU OIL has been used by the Australian Aboriginals for thousands of years. They have relied on its consistency of healing and therapeutic qualities to survive Australia’s harsh climate. From the number of studies conducted it has been shown that Emu Oil really does work. It is one of nature’s finest emollients and moisturisers. It’s […]

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Professor John Lennox visits Emu Ridge!

You never know who will wander through the shop. This is Professor John Lennox, a British mathematician, philosopher of science and Christian apologist, who is Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford. He has been in Adelaide, at a debate and a conference. We hope you had a lovely holiday on Kangaroo Island. 

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Mulberry, Eucalyptus and Honey Tea!

How exciting and perfect for those winter chills and sniffles! Mulberry, honey and Eucalyptus tea! $6.95 10 gm box $15.95 30 gm bags We also have plain Mulberry $6.00 10 gm box 14.95  30 gm bag Not available on the website yet, but please give us a call 08 85538228 and we will post it off […]

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