Kangaroo Island Produce

You’ll be surprised what great Kangaroo Island products you’ll find in our online shop. All of us Islanders need your help more than ever. Online shopping from local Kangaroo Island producers is a great way to support us. Here is link to some other great local producers online shops. Happy shopping! What it means to […]

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Here at Emu Ridge Eucalyptus Distillery we are proud to stock 100% pure essential oils, all  produced in Australia. Our very own Eucalyptus oil is so versatile and we are constantly finding and documenting more recipes and uses. We have been producing 100% Pure Eucalyptus oil on Kangaroo Island since 1991. Eucalyptus oil is antibacterial and […]

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Eucalyptus Oil and Dustmites

We know how good our Emu Ridge eucalyptus oil is, here’s more proof! Thousands of Dust Mites living in your bedding and feeding off your dead skin. Dust mites, near microscopic spiders, live in and around our mattresses and pillows. Their waste matter is the source of allergic reactions for many people! Puffy, itchy eyes […]

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