Well I am doing really well, I love looking around to see what is happening in the shop. Have just started to get out of my pouch I want to get out but as soon as Im out I want to get back in! Its too scary out there for me yet


Very sad to say that I went to feed Mi Mi and he had passed away. So sad, so much work in tow hours her would drinl 5ml. Peggy the Echidna lady has taken him for an autopsy to see why. Thanks Mia for the pic

Puggle Mi Mi

Well my wounds are a little better and all the nasty magots have been removed. I cannot get the hang of feeding so I am getting skinny I have a beak and half to learn to suck up milk from the palm of a hand. Bev trys to feed me each morning and night for 1-2 hours I drink very slow. I am about 50 days old and I weigh 210gms

Puggle (MiMi)

Well I am a very shy and unsual little critter, I am a puggle a baby echidna, I was too big for my mums pouch so she put me in a burrow. My mum leaves me here to sleep and grow and comes and feeds me about every 4 days. She will be sad when she comes for me a goanna smelt my scent and dug me out It tried to eat me but lucky it got scared away by a car where I was left. I was found by Larry driving home at dusk I was very sore had gravel rash and flyblown.


Wow look at me know time flys by and I am feeling so good. I am growing alot more fur, I am 6 months old and I weigh 2kgs now I am sleeping through the night and having 5 feeds a day now. I am drinking between 35 to 55 mls per feed.