Celine and Alain

Celine was saved and named by Alain. (Celine Dion of course is Canadian). She is drinking well, she woke me every 2 hours in the night for a feed. She was very dehydrated her mum had been dead about 18 hours before she was found. But so far all is well she is about 7 months old and weighs 3.45kg

Finding Celine

Alain and Martin from Montreal Canada were driving along when they came across this site on the road. Sorry if it affends but this is what happens. It is a site we often see, when they get hit the joey usually surivies and then dies of starvation or cold if someone doesnt find them. Alain came to our shop distressed not knowing what to do. So we now have a new addition to the family. Celine

Maple 5 months

Maple is doing really well, Catherine is doing such a great job, she weighs 500gm so has put on alot of weight still having 4 hourly feeds and now sleeps for 6 hours at night. She is interested in smelling plants and fruit but cant eat she has got her front teeth and some back ones are now coming. She likes chewing on bark.

Tribute to Luna

It was 11.30pm. We called the vet and she was great and said to bring her straight in. Unfortunalty she died as we put her on the table. The vet believes it was Toxoplasmoso, it is caused from feral cats. We have sent samples away and will find out of Friday what it was. She was so healthy it is hard to believe. I know she had a very happy, very spoilt and loving life even though it was too short. She will be sadly missed by all. Goodbye Luna you beautiful girl she bought so much love to everyone.

Tribute to Luna

Luna approx 19 months old. Still loved sleeping in her basket during the day and having 3 bottles a day. We have some very sad news, Luna was laying with us in front of the fire quite happy. When we go to bed it is time for her to go outside, she was looking a bit down just before we put her outside. An hour later Nicole heard thumping noises under the verandah and went outside. Poor Luna was having a seisure of some kind.


Well Maple is 2 weeks older and you can see that she now has hair, she has settled into 4 hourly feeds during the night and day. She weighs 350gm’s. Afew minor setbacks with a bit of diaorea and blood in her poo but she is putting on weight and doing great. Catherine will be glad when she sleeps through the night, she just needs to get a bit bigger and stronger.