Brush Tail Possum named ‘Batman’

Batman has been looked after for about 1 month from another carer so he was very very small just starting to get hair, he is drinking about 4 ml per feed every 4 hours at the moment and has started to eat solids. He is 4 month old and would pretty well still be totally in his mums pouch


Wow Bob has been long gone and I cant believe that Luna is 13 nearly 14 months old her sickness is behind her and she has been great since about December, thank goodness. She is adventuring outside alot more at night and still has 3 bottles a day and loves her bed and basket at work during the day.


For those of you that knew our faithful dog Rosie she died last month at the age of 15. She has been a part of Emu Ridge all that time and had many many pats from visitors over the years. In the end she was blind and deaf and had diabetes for 3 years. Rest in pease Rosie she had a great life and is buried at the side of the shop by the bird bath at Emu Ridge.